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10/28/15 - Finding your Career in the Scientific World: A visit from Dr. Toby Freedman

11/25/13 - Seminar Explores Career Options in Life Sciences Industry

09/27/13 - The many careers in the life science industry

05/02/13 - OBR-Bay Launches with Panel Discussion of the Past and Future of Biotech

10/09/09 - Steps to creating your own consulting business

10/09/09 - The Scientist, Considering Consulting?

09/01/09 - The Scientist, Life Sciences Salary Survey 2009

06/16/08 - Coverage of Toby Freedman at CBA (Chinese)

06/13/08 - Article in The Scientist (The Industry Roads Less Taken), by Toby Freedman

04/02/08 -, Interview with Toby Freedman

02/04/08 - Listen to Toby live on the radio on
"Work with Marty Nemko" (direct mp3 link)

02/04/08 - Chemical & Engineering News, Getting A Pharma Job

10/04/07 - Article in The Scientist (Finding your best employees)

10/01/07 - The hottest jobs in science, and how to land them

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